Some of our properties currently in development:

Justice For Hire

Created by Jan Lucanus and Jan Childress of Creative Impulse Entertainment, Justice For Hire is the first ultra realistic Mixed Martial Arts comic of it’s kind.  “JFH” is set in an alternate modern day world in which the general public can legally hire private militias for protection and retribution, following the growth of the “Retribution Industry” through the eyes of the vigilante heroes that started it and their sons.  “JFH” comics currently hold several positions on best-selling martial arts genre titles on the world’s leading digital comic book store, “Comics” by ComiXology™.

Aztecs Rising

Aztecs Rising is an inspirational non profit group based in Los Angeles that gives hope to the hopeless.  As mentioned in the LA Times article, Aztecs Rising takes gang members, criminals, and at risk youth and shapes them into firefighting heroes.


William Stewart Halsted was the most influential figure in modern surgery.  During his career he revolutionized the surgical field by implementing advances used to this very day, such as:  utilization of an anaesthetic, complete sterilization, gentle surgery, intestinal surgery, and amongst many other things, the radical procedure of blood transfusion.  Incredibly, during his legendary career, he battled cocaine and morphine addiction.

Feature length script written by David B. King and Ralph H. Hruban, M.D. Their script has placed as a finalist in numerous screen writing competitions